Live in the greater Portland, Oregon area? Looking for quality veterinary services near you? Blue Door Vet can shorten your search. When you Google “veterinary services near me” what could be closer than a fully-equipped mobile veterinary van that comes to your door with every piece of equipment that is likely needed to diagnose and treat the majority of pet issues?

A complete mobile veterinary hospital, Blue Door Vet is a custom-outfitted, 26-foot mobile clinic driven by veterinarian and founder Dr. Meridith Dawson. Having the veterinary services come to your home can help your pet avoid the stress of a visit to the office as exams can even be in your home if you wish. No more shaking, shedding excessively, or panting. 

It’s also meant to be a convenience for you. You can relax under the awning with your morning coffee or continue with your own work around the house while your pet is examined by Dr. Dawson. If you have several pets, they can be scheduled together, saving you the hassle of transporting your family.

Their veterinary service near you offers more than just convenience. Their state-of-the-art, fully-equipped veterinary mobile unit allows Blue Door Vet to provide comprehensive diagnostic services, a full veterinary surgery suite equipped with complete monitoring technology if needed, pet hospice care and caring at-home pet euthanasia if nothing more can be done. On board facilities include an X-ray suite, pet dental treatment suite and on-site laboratory services for blood work and diagnostics. Also stocked are many medicine, with long term prescriptions and speciality foods able to be delivered to your door by online partners.

If needed, ambulance service can be provided for the few pets that can’t be treated in the mobile unit and need to spend an extended period of time in a pet hospital.

Adding to the convenience and full service nature of Blue Door Veterinary services, basic care can be provided for backyard chickens, goats, sheep and some pocket pets like guinea pigs, hamsters and rats.

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