If you have access to a mobile pet doctor in your community then you are indeed fortunate as there are a myriad of benefits and advantages for this type of service. For those not lucky enough to be associated with one yet, here are a few of them:

It’s mobile!

As the term implies, the pet doctor is mobile, which means the entire office comes to your home, most likely in a specially designed van. No more transporting your pet to the office – it comes to you!

It’s a full office.

In the case of Blue Door Vet in the Portland area, the 26 ft. van is outfitted with all the equipment needed to diagnose and treat, including an X-ray, lab and even a surgical suite.

Less stress on you and your pet.

This may be one of the most important. What pet enjoys going to the vet? The trauma of the car ride, followed by shivering and shedding in the office from anxiety. Not to mention the unpleasant interactions with other animals and being in a strange place.

It saves time.

During your pet’s exam, you can continue to work or relax in your home, knowing your pet is being taken care of, either in the mobile office or right in your home with the pet doctor if you prefer. No traveling to and from the office or waiting for your exam time.

It works for multiple pets.

It’s hard to transport more than one pet at a time for checkups, vaccinations, etc. With a mobile pet doctor, all your pets’ needs can be taken care of with one visit, making it much easier on you and your pets.

Many different types of animals can be examined.

Many mobile pet doctors can examine and treat other pets besides cats and dogs. For Blue Door Vet that includes pocket pets and common farm animals like chickens, goats and sheep.

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