Those seeking veterinary services in Oregon in the Portland area have an advantage over their counterparts in the rest of the country because they enjoy the option of a fully mobile veterinary service that comes to their door.

Blue Door Vet offers all the services and equipment found in a traditional building, but with the added convenience of front door service. Located within a 26 ft. custom van, Blue Door Vet has veterinary services that include all the necessary equipment such as x-ray as well as laboratory supplies to diagnose and treat most conditions. Because of that, they can provide comprehensive diagnostic services, and have a full veterinary surgery suite equipped with complete monitoring technology. In addition, many medicines are available on the van and long-term prescriptions and specialty foods will be delivered to your door by Blue Door Vet’s online partners.

Services include preventative care, dentistry, on-site surgery, comprehensive exams for well and sick pets, and hospice and compassionate in-home euthanasia, should that be needed.

If a pet is too critical or needs ongoing overnight care and supervision, ambulance service to pet hospitals is also available.

In addition to the quality of care and convenience that Blue Door Vet offers, utilizing the services of this type of veterinary service in Portland, Oregon is beneficial to eliminating or lowering the stress your pet endures when visiting a traditional office. No more signs of stress like pet shaking, shedding excessively, or panting. Clients are welcome to be present while their pets are examined, or can choose to remain in their home.

Those with multiple pets perhaps benefit the most, as they can all be scheduled together and eliminate the frustration of multiple trips or wrangling multiple pets in a single visit. Need care for other pets besides cats and dogs? This mobile veterinary service also offers services for hobby farm animals, and pocket pets including chickens, goats and sheep, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, rabbits and more.

For your convenience, this veterinary service accepts Care Credit Cards and pet insurance, including Trupanion.

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