With more people spending more time at home during the pandemic, the past year saw a significant spike in the number of new pet owners. The social isolation required in these times has pushed pet owners and hospital owners to lean towards mobile veterinary services. 

Blue Door Veterinary Services is the first full-service mobile veterinary hospital to serve in Oregon. But it’s also among the best veterinary services in Oregon. Their custom-outfitted, 26-foot mobile clinic ensures convenient, state-of-the-art service and customized treatment right at the pet owner’s doorstep and is at par with brick and mortar practices in technology and capabilities. 

The mobile unit is equipped with a complete surgical suite, X-ray suite, and pet dental treatment suite to offer preventive care, dentistry, on-site pet surgery, at-home euthanasia, comprehensive per exams for sick and well pets, at-home pet X-rays, on-site laboratory diagnostics, and hospice care for pets. 

Why is Blue Vet Door the Best Veterinary Service Provider?

Blue Door Vet leverages digital radiography for quick results and wireless technology to upload the pet’s X-Rays into their medical record and share them for further consultation.

The on-site laboratory of Blue Vet includes organ function screens and blood cell counts. They also specialize in on-site fecal examinations, urinalyses, thyroid checks, monitoring blood work for medication and prescription refills. The mobile vet also factors in more specialized testing for which they utilize an outside laboratory and provide results within a couple of days. 

The preventive care includes comprehensive physical exams, vaccines, microchipping, wellness lab work, life stage targeted wellness, and education for new, adult, and senior pets. They also offer ambulance service for pets to assist pet owners in transporting their pets to an emergency hospital when they need longer-term or ICU treatment.

Blue Door Vet also provides general husbandry and limited veterinary services to a range of non-traditional pets, hobby farm animals, or mammalian pocket pets including, chickens, goats, sheep, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, and rabbits. 

The owner and veterinarian, Dr. Meridith Dawson, leads the dedicated team of experts; veterinarian Dr. Lauren Larson, client coordinator Wendi Tabor, and vet assistants Jamie and Ashley. The team is passionate about exceptional animal care and strives to offer convenient care that benefits both the pet and the owner. The mobile team serves all of Multnomah County in the state of Oregon. Reach out to them today for veterinary services in this part of Oregon.

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