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Why choose a mobile vet?

  Why does YOUR PET want you to choose a mobile vet? Have you ever noticed your pet shaking, shedding excessively, or panting when you sit in a veterinarian’s waiting or exam room? Does your cat yowl or have accidents in their cat carrier on the way to the vet’s office? Does your dog get over-excited about the other pets…

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Benefits of a Mobile Vet

For some pet owners, bringing a pet to the vet isn’t always convenient or even possible. Some pets—especially cats—dread car rides or being placed in a carrier. Or both. Some pets also get stressed out at the vet when they catch the scent of other animals and other unfamiliar scents of a place that’s not their home. If your pet…

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Why Does My Pet Needs Vaccinations?

Whether you’re a new or experienced pet owner, you may have asked yourself if your pet really needs to be vaccinated. The simple answer is YES. Vaccines protect dogs and cats against a number of potentially-fatal diseases, and in many states, certain pet vaccines—such as rabies—are required by law. Even if your pet is an indoor pet, they can still…

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