Pets have taken on an even more important role in the last year for many especially those who live alone, work from home and/or are far from relatives. And that’s why it’s especially important that the choice of a veterinary clinic be made with several important criteria in mind.

During the past year, safety became uppermost in everyone’s mind. Prior to that, the quality of care would have been paramount, despite the distance one had to travel to a quality veterinary clinic. However, safety procedures for owners and the ease to which one could still access care, became crucial. One veterinary service was already set up to address both those concerns and provide unparalleled convenience as well.

Blue Door Vet is a mobile veterinary clinic that comes to your home with a fully equipped, specially designed vehicle that features all the instruments and tools needed to diagnose and treat most ailments. On board is an x-ray machine as well as an advanced lab. Minor surgeries can be performed in this mobile veterinary clinic if needed as well.

Beyond the fact that the stress on owner and pet is minimized, compared to a trip in the car to an office filled with other pets, Blue Door Vet has a fully licensed veterinarian and assistant ready to perform routine as well as diagnostic exams. After diagnosis, many of the most commonly prescribed medications are also stocked on board, and those that aren’t are quickly delivered by mail from trusted partners.

And the other bonus? Blue Door Vet is a veterinary clinic that is fully qualified to care for many pets beyond just cats and dogs. That includes farm animals like sheep and goats, as well as pocket pets like hamsters and guinea pigs. Schedule all your animals at once and rest easy – the veterinary clinic is coming to you!

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