Fireworks and thunderstorms are a fact of summertime.


While the celebrations and warm rain storms can be fun for people, some pets can become extremely frightened of the noise of both thunder and fireworks.  This can lead to anxiety/hiding, injuries due to trying to get away, and lost pets.  Your pet has a much better developed sense of hearing than we do, and that makes them more sensitive to these sounds of summer. The unexpected boom and crackle from fireworks can be startling and therefore scary. Thunderstorms may have more of a warning for our pets as they can sense the changes in the atmosphere long beforehand, but this means that they may be anxious for a longer time leading up to the storm.

Historically, Humane Societies around the country are busiest on the night of the 4 th of July and on July 5th as many pets become so frightened they slip from their collars or escape the backyard and wind up in their care.

There are many different approaches to helping your pet through this scary time of year.

Some pets need a combination of therapies to reduce their fear, stress and anxiety. Below are some options for your pet:

  •   Thunder shirt:  These work like swaddling does for infants. They can help your pet feel secure during stressful situations
Lemur modeling his Thundershirt
  •   Prescription  Medications: There are several anti-anxiety medications that can be used. Sileo is an FDA approved treatment for noise aversion. It is a fast-acting, easy- to- administer at home treatment.  Call us today to schedule an appointment to pick up some medications before your pet gets scared.
Sileo – A noise aversion prescription medication
A Feliway plug-in pheromone diffuser
  •   Pheromones:   Dog appeasing Pheromones or Feliway ( for cats). These products can be found  in several formats that can be used alone or together.  There are collars,  sprays or a plug in diffuser. They can be found in most pet stores.
  •  Melatonin is a natural calming supplement and you can find it at any health food store. This should be given before the fireworks start for best effect.

Tips for the Big Day (July 4th):

  • Block as much noise as possible by closing doors and playing a white noise cd. If possible use an interior room for your pet. Create a special area for your pet to feel safe: a covered crate with a favorite treat or toy.
  • Make sure all pets are wearing collars with identification tags – even if you leave them inside – Imagine a big boom happening when you open the door to leave and your pet runs out.
  • Make sure your microchip information is up-to-date with a correct phone number and address. If your pet is not microchipped : schedule an appointment to have one implanted today.