It’s hard to imagine a better scenario than a veterinarian who can come to your door to take care of your four-legged friends. And luckily for residents in Portland, and the surrounding area, just such mobile veterinary care services exist from Blue Door Veterinary Services. Portland’s first full-service veterinary hospital on wheels!

No more transportation issues, scared and nervous pets in the waiting room, trying to coordinate multiple appointments and pets at one time. Simply make an appointment for the care you need, and Blue Door Vet will deliver mobile veterinary care right to you.

A fully-equipped office in a custom-designed van, Blue Door Vet features everything you would expect to find including an X-ray machine, full laboratory for quick disagnoses, and even the most common prescriptions.

And beyond just cats and dogs, Blue Door Vet can provide mobile veterinary care to pocket pets such as rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs and rats as well as common farm animals including goats, sheep and chickens, making their services even more comprehensive and valuable.

Preventative care dentistry, on-site pet surgery and veterinary acupuncture are some of the services you might not expect to find with mobile veterinary care, but Blue Door Vet provides it.

In addition, as needed, hospice care for elderly pets and in-home compassionate euthanasia, for a final, caring goodbye.

The Blue Door Vet website also features a portal for online prescriptions as well as useful over-the-counter products including those for fleas, ticks and heartworm. You’ll also find recommended premium food and treats.

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