You might think you have to forego convenience when searching for advanced veterinary care. But that’s not true if you have access to mobile veterinary services from Blue Door Vet.

Blue Door Vet features an entire veterinary office on wheels – including an X-ray machine and advanced laboratory for on-site testing and diagnostics. 

It’s good to know that if a routine exam turns up something, or if you make the appointment because you know something’s wrong, that Blue Door Vet can provide the same level of advanced veterinary care as a brick and mortar location, and with the added convenience that comes with care right at your doorstep.

That also means that your pet is not subjected to additional stress from having to travel to an office and be in an uncomfortable position with other animals around. It also means you have advanced veterinary care available in case other pets in the same household need to be examined to make sure something hasn’t spread, perhaps even before symptoms appear.

Beyond just cats and dogs, Blue Door Vet is also well versed in care for common domestic farm animals such as sheep and goats as well as pocket pets like mice and guinea pigs, which means your whole flock can receive the advanced care they need right at home and without tricky travel logistics.

And should an exam result in a diagnosis that requires medication, Blue Door Vet’s mobile unit is stocked with all the most common prescriptions, and if the one you need is not available, Blue Door Vet has arrangements with companies to arrange for quick home delivery.

Blue Door Vet has the trained, professional veterinarians on board to provide the advanced veterinary care you and your pets want and deserve, with all the added benefits that come with their mobile, customized office on wheels.

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