If you’re comparing a mobile veterinary clinic to an office in a building, the good news is, there are major differences in benefits, but very few as far as services are concerned.

For example, a mobile veterinary clinic will be fully staffed with veterinary professionals who can provide the same level of expertise and care as those found in an office. Routine wellness exams can be done in a mobile office, and regular vaccines can be administered. The mobile veterinary clinic will also be equipped with diagnostic equipment including an X-ray machine and laboratory. This will allow them to diagnose the vast majority of issues right at your doorstep.

Surgical procedures can even be performed in a mobile veterinary clinic, including anesthesia of course. This means your pet can recover in his or her own bed in comfort.

In addition, most common medications will be on board, meaning they will be available right away. And if not, a quick order can be placed to have the needed medicine quickly delivered to you.

A mobile veterinary clinic will also be able to provide end-of-life care if that becomes necessary. Care that is personal and in your home so your pet’s last moments can be in a familiar place.

Some of the benefits of a mobile veterinary clinic include:

Convenient – This is at the top for many clients, especially those with more than one pet. Trying to coordinate office visits and taking the time away from home or work can be a big challenge. Having a mobile veterinary clinic that can come to your home relieves all of that.

Less Stressful – Of course it’s less stressful for you, but a mobile veterinary clinic is also much less stressful for your fur babies. No shaking, shedding or a traumatic ride in the car. Services can be performed in the comfort of your home or in the mobile veterinary clinic itself, depending on what needs to be done.

Flexible – Do you have small pocket pets? Common farm animals? A good mobile veterinary clinic will be able to do routine exams and diagnose and treat issues for these pets as well. That includes hamsters, rabbits, sheep, goats, etc.

Cost Effective – A mobile veterinary clinic should cost no more than an office, and perhaps even less because the company will not have the overhead costs of a building and extra staff.

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