Blue Door Vet is the only full service veterinary clinic in the Portland area that comes to your home. Their specially-equipped van is fully equipped with everything they need to provide care for your pet – from surgical equipment and an exam table, to x-ray machines and anesthesia. It’s a custom-outfitted, 26-foot mobile clinic designed by Founder Dr. Meridith Dawson to bring quality pet care to your front door. All of their staff members are trained in house calls so they can diagnose and treat your pet right on site. If your pet doctor determines medication is needed, it’s frequently on board, and if not, can quickly be mailed right to your home. 

Appointments can take place in the van or your home – either is fine. It’s also so convenient to schedule two or more pet appointments at once to avoid the hassle of transporting multiple pets and save them from the stress of visiting an office.

Beyond traditional pets like cats and dogs, this Portland pet doctor also offers services for pocket pets like hamsters and guinea pigs as well as farm animals including goats, chicken and sheep.

Now you don’t have to worry about leaving work early or missing out on time with friends and family just because you have a sick pet at home. Our team will come directly to your door, no matter where you live in Portland, so you can get back to living life as usual without any stress over taking care of Fido or Fluffy. Plus, if there’s anything else going on in your life that keeps you busy outside of work hours (like kids), then this service is perfect for those times when it seems like everyone needs something from you all at once! 

And our convenient hours of 9:30 – 6pm means you can get home from work and take care of your pet’s appointments.

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