Beyond the cost of the vaccine itself is the cost in terms of time, gas and hassle of transporting a pet to the veterinary office to obtain an affordable vaccine for your cat or dog.

So oftentimes it’s not the cost of the vaccines themselves but the ancillary costs that people fail to consider when searching for a reliable source for this service.

That’s one of the reasons Blue Door Vet was founded by Dr. Meridith Dawson in Portland, Oregon. She knew that for most people, the convenience of having a mobile veterinary office that could come to their home in the Portland area would be a much welcomed service, even for mundane services like cat or dog vaccines. In addition, delivering a cat or dog vaccine in this manner relieves the stress that a pet experiences when traveling to a vet and waiting for their vaccine appointment.

It’s also much appreciated for those Portland pet parents who have more than one dog or cat at home that needs an affordable vaccine.

A fully-equipped mobile veterinary office in a custom-built 26’ clinic, Blue Door Vet of Portland, Oregon can provide everything from recommended vaccines to dental services to diagnostic services for sick pets with equipment that includes an X-ray machine and a fully-equipped lab. Pet surgery can even be provided. In addition, most common medications are on board, and those that aren’t can easily be ordered and delivered to the home, something that also adds to the convenience of this mobile service.

Affordable recommended vaccines are also available for other pets besides dogs and cats, including chickens, goats and sheep.

For those pets nearing their end of life, hospice care is available as well as in-home euthanasia if that is advised and desired – a comforting and loving way to say goodbye to a treasured pet.

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