Are you looking for affordable vet care in Portland, Oregon? Blue door veterinary services’ on wheels service is there for you. It is one of the first full-service veterinary hospitals, serving the greater Portland community. Led by founder Dr. Meredith Dawson, Blue Door Vet has a custom-made 26-ft long mobile clinic that reaches your door, with customized treatment and state-of-the-art services. 

Blue Door Veterinary Services’ equipment and facilities are competent enough to match the technological capabilities of brick and mortar practices. It has a full-fledged veterinary surgery suite that comes with wholesome monitoring technology. It even can offer at-home pet euthanasia, pet hospice care, and much more. The service is well-rounded and personalized. 

Along with veterinarian Dr. Meredith Dawson, the firm also offers the services of Dr. Sarah Wilkinson, who has a doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Oklahoma State University. 

The Services

The services of Blue Door Vet are wholesome and comprehensive. It covers all areas relating to the domain of affordable vet care, including preventive care, dentistry, on-site pet surgery, in-home euthanasia, and basic care facilities for backyard chickens, goats, sheep, and some pocket pets. 

Their mobile unit also can conduct mobile pet X-rays, laboratory bloodwork, hospice care for elderly pets, and veterinary acupuncture. 

In on-site pet surgery, the unit can conduct pre-anesthetic blood work before every surgery. It ensures that the anesthesia is as safe as possible. Its anesthetic monitoring is complete and fully equipped. During the surgery, the unit fully monitors the pet’s heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, body temperature, and everything else. 

Blue Door Vet also offers basic care for non-traditional pets, hobby farm animals, and mammalian pocket pets. Proper veterinary care for these animals is difficult to avail and Blue Door Vet’s general husbandry and veterinary services prove immensely helpful if you own chickens, goats, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, or rabbits. 

Hospice care is another area where Blue Door Vet excels. Doctors recommend such care when the pet is no longer responding to treatments for an illness or injury. Their affordable vet care ensures that your pet receives best-in-class care in the comfort of their home. 

Another area where Blue Door Vet’s service stands out is the area of preventive care. Veterinary preventive care is vital to keep your pets free from any injury or health problem that might end up in something far more detrimental with time. The services include comprehensive physical exams, vaccination, microchipping, wellness lab work, life stage targeted wellness, and more.  

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