Veterinary Acupuncture

We offer acupuncture as an additional holistic treatment modality with our specially trained veterinarian, Dr. Wilkinson. Acupuncture needles stimulate the body’s nervous system, regulating blood circulation, providing generalized oxygenation and releasing the body’s natural neuro-chemicals called endorphins that help alleviate pain. The benefits of acupuncture can be immediate, or they can be realized over several days/treatments depending on the underlying condition. Acupuncture broadens our abilities to treat certain ailments in your pets. This form of alternative treatment is especially helpful for pets with arthritis, paralysis, seizures, cancer, weak or injured limbs, and certain types of organ failure.

Why Should I Consider Having Acupuncture Done in My Home?

Although you can go to a veterinary clinic for acupuncture, some pets benefit more fully from treatments that are done at home. Getting into the car, riding to the veterinarian’s office, getting out of the car, waiting in a lobby that maybe crowded with other pets, then traveling home again can, unfortunately, mitigate some of the benefits of acupuncture – especially for bigger dogs with limited mobility or cats that dislike the veterinary office. When acupuncture is done at home, pets can be comfortable in their own environments. When the session is over, they can rest, relax, and experience the full benefit of treatment.

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