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Blue Door Veterinary Services is proud to be the first full-service veterinary hospital to serve the greater Portland community on wheels!

We have a custom-outfitted, 26-foot mobile clinic designed by our Founder, Dr. Meridith Dawson, to bring quality vet care to your front door.

Exceptional animal care is our passion, and we believe that part of that is being able to offer convenient care that benefits the pet and the pet owner!

Our Veterinary Commitment…

We’re committed to ensuring that our clients and our patients experience the boutique feel of our veterinary hospital with exceptional service. Whether you’re looking for convenience, state-of-the-art service, or customized treatment right at your door, Blue Door Veterinary Services is the pet doctor for you!


mobile veterinary services portland

We’re always looking for awesome people to work with us and help our clients and their pets.

Proudly serving the pets of Oregon

Our mobile veterinary practice is proud to offer more than just the convenience factor to our clients and patients. Our state-of-the-art, fully-equipped veterinary mobile unit is designed to compete with even brick and mortar practices in technology and capabilities. We provide comprehensive diagnostic services, have a full veterinary surgery suite equipped with complete monitoring technology, offer at-home pet euthanasia in Portland and pet hospice care, and so much more. We aim to give each one of our clients and patients a well-rounded, personalized experience.

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    mobile pet vet portland

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